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August 16, 2022
by  Josh Sab

Xero Gold Award Announcement!

We’re excited to announce that Praddy Financial Consulting (PFC) has attained Xero's Gold Partner status. We have achieved this due to our comprehensive work with clients to transition to fully digital processes. Through cloud-based systems, we have been able to offer easier, clearer and more useful access to accounting data.

How did we earn this Gold Status Award?

The Xero partner scheme is a system built to record and reflect the growth and size of the financial firms that use their software. Points are used to qualify for each tier and as a firm progresses up they are given more resources to better serve its clients, such as access to an expert team of advisors recommended by Xero for their key knowledge of Xero products.

What does this mean for you?

As a client, this means we will continue to offer you services that help to lessen the load. It means we will continue to pursue applications and processes that increase efficiency and continue to master those tools to best suit your needs.

As Xero Gold Partners we can help you convert from another system, and set up and integrate cloud applications. We can guide you through the nuances of Xero to pull out the most value and advise on a range of Add-ons (CIS, PAYE).

Why does this matter?

With new schemes such as Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT registered clients and Landlords coming into effect software like Xero is setting the industry standard for user-friendliness, accessibility and innovation.

The government has stated its intention to implement MTD at all levels of enterprise. Because of this, we know that the work we have done so far will save both us and our clients from facing roadblocks in the future. Furthermore, we are now in a position to better scope out future business needs and continue to provide a smooth service.

This was only possible due to you, our clients so from everyone here in the team we would like to thank you for both your trust and willingness to evolve with us.

In next week’s blog post we will begin a series going into a deeper explanation of MTD so check back in for more details!

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