Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax

If your turnover exceeds £85k for a 12 month rolling period, then you are required to register for VAT and charge VAT for your clients. (Certain industries, Goods and services are exempt - Please speak to our team for more information)

There are few types of VAT schemes and we can assist you with the best VAT scheme for your business. The main VAT schemes are:

  • Standard (Accrual Scheme)
  • Flat Rate Scheme
  • Margin Scheme

The above schemes can work with VAT CAsh Scheme and VAT annual Scheme.

Choosing the right scheme could be confusing. Thats why we are here as experts to assist you.

We can help you to:

  • Chose the right scheme for you
  • Register for VAT
  • FIle your quarterly VAT returns, accurately and on time

Making Tax Digital (MTD)
From April 19, companies are required to file the VAT returns under MTD regime.

As a cloud based accounting firm we are fully prepared to file your VAT returns under this scheme make sure you are fully compliant with the HMRC legislation.

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