March 13, 2023
by  Josh Sab

Stay Informed: How HMRC's Partnership with Airbnb Affects UK Hosts

Why is this happening?

As a company that requires payments in the UK, Airbnb is legally required to share a limited amount of data about transactions on its platform with HMRC. This is to ensure that hosts who earn income through the platform are aware of their tax obligations and to help HMRC identify those who may be underpaying or avoiding taxes.

What data is shared?

Airbnb will provide data for all transactions on the platform during the 2017/18 and 2018/19 tax years, that took place in relation to either:

  • A listing in the UK, or
  • A listing owned by a Host that’s required to pay tax in the UK.

This applies only to hosts with a listing in the UK, who are required to pay tax in the UK, and who were active on the platform during the specified tax years.

Future requests

  • Airbnb will provide data if HMRC makes similar requests for information in the future.
  • HMRC is working with companies across the sector to ensure that people with additional, non-PAYE income streams know their tax obligations.

Data security

Airbnb understands that privacy concerns may arise regarding personal data being shared with HMRC. In compliance with European privacy regulations (GDPR), all data is encrypted before being shared. HMRC has assured that it will undertake standard, secure processes to review the data.

Tax obligations in the UK

It is important for hosts to understand their tax obligations in the UK. Airbnb provides resources to help hosts better understand tax, including the Airbnb UK Tax hub, which features videos and blogs about earnings, allowances, and VAT. If you are having difficulties with your tax bill due to the coronavirus, contact HMRC. For any other tax questions, contact us at

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