Management Accounts

PFC will provide you with aims and goals that can help run your business more successfully.

This can be weekly, monthly or even quarterly depending on your business requirement. We will reflect on your financial business performance. KPIs are significant indicators for many businesses that need to be addressed alongside your performance to make your business flourish and increase their profitability. 

PFC will review your financial processes and systems in order to achieve your potential outcome. This is more than whether your business results in a profit or loss monthly but focusing on more. This focus is about the client, product and projects that can maximise both your revenue and profit in the long term.

Forecasting and budgeting is an essential sector in a business that can both help envision a financial picture for the future and target any unforeseen problems that may arise. Understanding the importance of your cash flow allows you to plan your future financial position and ensure there is more stability.

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