Companies House penalties
March 6, 2020
by  Pradeepan Velayuthan

Companies House Penalties

Companies House – Late filing penalties

A penalty notice is issued by Companies House when a limited company does not file the statutory accounts with companies house on time. The penalty notice will be issued as soon as the accounts is filed, and the scope of the penalty depends on how late the accounts are filed.

The table below gives you an idea on the penalty:

Delay of the Filing Accounts Private Company & LLP (£) Public Company (£)
< 1 month £150 £750
1 > 3 months £375 £1,500
3 > 6 months £750 £3,000
6 months > £1,500 £7,500

The penalty can be paid in various ways and the quickest methods include sending a cheque or using the BACS payment methods. There are alternatives provided on the letter with full details on how to complete this payment.

If the penalty is not paid on time, Companies House may instruct debt collectors to recover the penalties due and the company may end up receiving a CCJ (County Court Judgement) or bailiffs at the door.


You can appeal against a penalty if you believe that this was undeserved. However, appeals are only successful if you can prove that the circumstances are exception such as an unforeseen tragedy.   

What is not an exception?

  • You cannot afford to pay
  • You relied on your accountant
  • This is your first accounts
  • Your company is dormant

A full copy of what is exception and further details can be found on:

Considering the level of penalties, you may be liable, we would advise to file the Accounts on time. It’s the responsibility of the director to ensure the Accounts is filed on time and a qualified accountant can assist you in filing the correct accounts on time. If you need any assistance in regard to your companies house accounts, please get in touch.

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